Thank you for visiting our store. It's really nice to have you here. ISIMI is a wellness brand aimed at encouraging people to live a better, more self-inclined life. We love encouraging and supporting our customers in prioritising their wellbeing.

In an age where things can spiral very quickly, our objective is to assist and guide on the journey to rest and peace of mind. We hope you enjoy your time with us and are inspired to be kind to yourself and others.

The gift of calm

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We decided on two collections to launch our store. Each collection is made up of three unique blends that are offered as scented candles or reed diffusers to cater to different tastes.

The ÌMÓLÈ (sunrise) collection, represents our softer, more floral scents with bases like rose, gardenia and the ever popular lavender. This range is meant to capture the freshness associated with dawn in the garden. In turn, the fragrances are anchored by uplifting essential oils. These products easily recognised by their white votives and bottles.

The ÌRÒLÉ (sunset) collection is characterised by deeper, more intense scents; think sandalwood, pine and wild cherries. The intention was to inspire thoughts of sunsets over woodlands, enticing you to unwind and assume a restful state. You'll find these items in our black votives and bottles.

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