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There is something very welcoming about a pleasant scent, however, sometimes the smell of cooking can be overwhelming and linger long after the dishes have been cleared. With so much going on in the kitchen, smells can start to permeate different surfaces if we don’t give it the upkeep it needs. With that said, here’s how to keep your kitchen smells cute including how to keep it clean and what fragrances to use to keep it smelling consistently fresh.
Balancing fragrance in the kitchen can often be difficult, because you want your space to smell fresh and clean without interfering with the aromas in your cooking.
Using the following scents would help to do just that…
Lemon and citrus scents 
Some of the tastiest meals create some of the hardest smells to eliminate. Fish, for example, is a great way to get in some lean, tasty protein, but the aftermath can be a little, well, fishy. If you want to really eliminate the most pungent food scents from your kitchen, opting for a lemon or citrus scented candle is the way to go. The sharpness of a citrus fruit scent is the perfect opponent to those ever-present fish, garlic, or old leftover smells. Plus, chances are you already use some citrus cleaning products. 
Scents that smell like baked goods
This may sound counter-intuitive, but candles that smell like sweet-scented baked goods can actually help eliminate the more unsavoury odours from your kitchen. As an additional benefit, having a baked good scented candle in your kitchen creates a cosy, warm, inviting atmosphere in your kitchen, which is perfect if you’re a frequent host. 
 Scents with seasonal flair
These are a common favourite in all parts of the home, but candles that play on the current season of the year are a great addition to any kitchen environment. Think of pumpkin candles in the fall, pine or cranberry apple candles in the winter, and fruitier and more floral scented candles in the spring and summer. The delicious-smelling complement to the current season or to the holiday festivity you and your family are celebrating makes food scents a thing of the past.
At the end of the day, the scent you use in your home and kitchen is going to come down to personal preference. Most people likely won’t burn a candle of a scent they don’t enjoy even if it is a recommended scent. The key is to stay on track with complimenting scents for different areas of your house but with the scents that you still enjoy. If you fill a room with the scent of a candle you don’t enjoy, it is going to make that area a less enjoyable space for you. 
The safest option is a citrus-based scents like lemonlimegrapefruit, or tangerine which are bright and fresh, with the added benefit of neutralising unsavoury smells.
Avoid picking spicy or overly sweet scents that can clash with smells created by food. Keeping herbs like rosemary in the kitchen is also a good idea, so you can use them in your cooking and they also give off a pleasant aroma.
If you have an open-plan kitchen that is shared with a living or dining room, a spray may be the best option to keep things smelling fresh without overwhelming the different spaces.

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