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Let's face it, most of us lead busy, stressful lives and could all use a little pampering and relaxation sometimes. Yes, we can all agree that a little luxury can go a long way to making your time spent in the bath a lot more calming and soothing. 
It can be very tempting to see the bathroom as a room that you'd spend only the time that you need in, doing the things that need to be done...if you catch my drift. 
When you decorate your bathroom nicely, it can be a beautiful and relaxing place that soothes your mind. With the right atmosphere in the bathroom, you can enjoy a calming and stress-free environment. A scented candle can help you make your bathroom attractive and a nice place to spend your time while relaxing in the bathtub. That's three of your five senses engaged. For an even more wholistic experience, unpause your favourite players and grab a glass of wine or some tea. That's five of five without even trying very hard. 
Scented candles represent things that are deeply personal and fragrance usually plays a pivotal role in remembrance. Perfume can trigger powerful emotional connections with things that give you fond memories of specific occasions. All the scents that you breathe in are processed through the olfactory bulb which begins inside your nose. 
The scent runs to the bottom of your mind, and it gets into contact with parts of the brain that process emotions and memory. Other senses of sight and touch do not usually go through this particular process to stimulate fond memories of something beautiful in your life.  For this reason, scents are lovely in helping you experience intense feelings and memories of something great in your life. 
So when you enjoy the right scent in your bathroom, it can promote relaxation which is good to the mind. A relaxed mind is free from various mental constraints that can affect our welfare in different ways. A stress-free lifestyle is good for our well being in that it helps to minimise the impact of challenges like depression and anxiety. These can cause undesirable effects on our health. 
For ultimate relaxation the best scents to choose are ÌSIMI'S own rose and vanilla or our  lavender scents.
These are the traditional aromas used for relaxation in aromatherapy.

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