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Stepping into a space that’s scented can trigger a series of emotions for all of us, some pleasant and others not so much. Some aromas tend to place us in a memory and others tend to uplift the mood of the space.
At ÌSIMI we have a variety of scent combinations as well as different ways in which to disperse them:
Scented candles 
Wax melts 
Room spray 
Although there are many other possibilities, we just love those four and decided to launch focusing on what we believe are the essentials.
Now, there’s always a struggle to figure out the right scent for a space but then there is also a struggle to figure out the right way to disperse said scent.
So we thought we’d give our thoughts on the WAX VS OILS debate; the pros and cons to it all.



Our wax products are;

Scented candles 
Candles can turn a room from cold to cozy and warm with just one flick of a lighter or strike of a match. Made from solid wax with a with a central wick, a candles flame gives off heat that then melts the wax.
The best scented candles burn slowly and evenly, and give off their sweet aromas within one hour of lighting.
  • A scented candle is the perfect finishing touch to any room and, with the huge variety of shapes, sizes, colours and packaging that they come in, you are bound to find the best complement for your décor
  • Easy to use, light, and enjoy 
  • An easy gift that most people would love
  • Can be placed on almost any flat surface 
  • Creates a feel-good atmosphere
  • The flame from a scented candle is gentle and soft, unlike harsh, traditional lighting you normally find around the house. This subtlety helps your mind to focus and concentrate as your eyes aren’t struggling with overwhelming light. 
  • A burning candle should not be left unattended and must be placed and must be placed in a safe spot around the room.
  • Cheap candle waxes from the wrong source may not be good for one’s health.
  • Not safe for spaces accessible to children.
  • Not practical to use all day 
  • Badly designed candles may show uneven burning, tunnelling and even lead to sooting.
Wax melts
Wax melts are scented chunks of wax that release fragrance when heated. Unlike candles, wax melts don't have a wick so need to be heated in either a tealight or electric wax burner.
  • They come in various styles to fit your home décor.
  • Most of them can be left unattended.
  • The wax doesn’t get too hot, therefore it’s not harmful to your skin.
  • You can control the amount of scent by the amount of wax you melt.
  • They can make for really unique and cute gifts.
  • Most people grow immune to the scents when they are lit for too long.
  • Wax can be messy and hard to clean up once spilled.
Our oil products include:
Reed Diffusers
Reed diffusers release their aromas without the use of hear or flames. Unlike candles, they require little attention and are generally considered safer in the presence of children and pets
  • Reed diffusers release their scent consistently throughout the day, rather than having to be activated, like a candle. You will no longer have to worry about your house smelling great, as you can leave a reed diffuser and it will do the work for you – even during the night. 
  • New fragrance oils can be purchased to refill the container once you run out.
  • They are the most low maintenance approach to diffusion, meaning they do not require electricity, heat, fans,etc
  • It takes a few months for the fragrance in the bottle to run out, hence they are long-lasting.
  • Reed diffusers can be placed anywhere around your house without any problems and don’t need to be watched.
  • Generally, more costly 
  • Its ideal for small rooms or spaces.
  • Since reed diffusers are constantly diffusing, controlling the level of fragrance being scented would be difficult
  • Because of their consistency, if you are out of house for the whole day, your scents may go unappreciated, diffused through an empty home.
Room spray
They are like subdued colognes, but for linens, or couches, of the overall room in general. You can also target unpleasant smells or keep things smelling good.
  • Room sprays are an option, even in places that do not allow candles.
  • They are ultra-portable; you can tuck then in your purse when travelling.
  • They are simple to use; all you do is squirt a wonderful fragrance in the air.
  • They are flexible; they allow you to add a little bit of scent or a big dose of fragrance.
Once the scent goes away you have to go through the trouble of spraying it again.
In conclusion, there is no right or wrong answer to what product you need, it all depends on what you like and where you are. But nothing stops you from using both. You don’t have to choose.

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